The Company

Founded more than 25 years ago, CHAMCO PROJECTS is a privately held consulting, process engineering and project management company comprising of management and core team of technical professionals. With a combined 150+ years of project development and management expertise focused on enhancement of Internally Generated Revenue, our members and partners bring with them an impressive repertoire of hands-on experience derived from years of operations and project management in the various segments of a typical economy.

Our Core

Globally, businesses are held to higher standards than ever before. And trust has never been harder to earn or easier to lose. Our team of professionals bring the partnerships, capabilities, technology and ethical decision-making process to deliver quality and sustained outcomes that companies, nations and its institutions can rely on.

And trust is at the heart of our reason for the advanced A.I. big data analytics platforms designed to service both government and commercial organizations, providing true data convergence for conducting deep analysis, generating critical insights, and making mission-critical decisions in real time.

Our Team

World-class Project Developers and Managers, Information Technology professionals, Business Analysts, Logistics Professionals and more.


Our staff comprises of management and core team of technical professionals with years of project development and management, and engineering expertise.

Our Story

Founded in 1995, Chamco Projects is continuously growing and improving together with our experts, partners and customers alike.

Through experience, and because trust is intrinsic in every action we take as a company, institutions diversify their supply chains without increasing operational overhead.


Qualified Experts


Years of Combined Experience


Number of Countries Engaged

14+ Million

Population Serviced


Business Growth

Our Divisions

Because we care deeply about the populations we serve, Chamco Projects strives to ensure availability of highest quality organic food products, direct from the farms.
One of our cores, Chamco Projects LLC is in partnership with globally recognized architectural and construction companies specializing in all aspects of development.

The strength of Chamco Projects is evidenced in our ability to exceed boundaries; to increase profitability, reduce cost, while ensuring LEAN solutions.
We have established strategic partnerships with global organizations specializing in shipping and port operations and management, and sea port dredging.
Chamco operates an indigenous premier Oil & Gas Servicing firm dedicated to providing the highest standards of Health, Safety, Security and Environmentally friendly Products/Services.
Our Company is involved in the development of renewable energies; while researching and investing in high new energy and storage-related technologies.
We offer advanced A.I. big data analytics platforms, providing data convergence for conducting deep analysis, generating critical insights, & making real-time mission-critical decisions.