Climb Aboard the Agricultural Revolution

Chamco Agri… Where Big Data and AI Meet Big Farming.

We’re increasing agricultural productivity by bringing technology & mechanization to African farming communities.


At Chamco Projects, our approach to agricultural efficiency lies in the power of technology. Our model ties us with globally renowned agricultural agencies and establishments, thereby deepening the positive impact on farm viability. Together with our partners, we harness the power of Information Technology in general, Artificial Intelligence in particular; Mobile Telecom and Financial Services to integrate and strengthen the value proposition.

C. Agri puts Farmers First

With our partners, we offer a cloud based application and web platform that is designed specifically with the future of farming in mind. It empowers farmers with the ability to make informed decisions about their entire farming operation.

C. Agri is the Future of Farming

The days of manually managing the entire farming process in continental Africa are numbered. Our partnership has brought the Internet-of-Things (IoT) to agriculture to create agronomic insights automatically from your equipment data.

C. Agri Works from Soil to Silo

Finally there is a comprehensive enterprise level farm management platform that covers all your data needs. Farm planning, inventory management, agronomic insights, equipment optimization, financial records all in one place!