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Creating vibrant places that are at once ecologically resilient, aesthetically compelling and socially beneficial


With our globally-renowned International Landscape Architecture, Pilling & Foundation Works, Planning and Urban Design partner firm, Chamco Projects LLC believes that great designs are rooted in equal parts innovation, sustainability and stewardship. Hence our dedication to delivery of the very highest quality construction contracting services on time, on budget, and in any location.


Together with our global channel partners, building pile-driven deep foundation structures to support sea ports, electrical towers, buildings, bridges, etc has been one of our cores. We work closely with our clients and engineers to provide a long lasting foundation system that will transmit loads to deeper, more stable soils and rock. And possessing a fleet of specialty equipment that enables us to gain access to remote locations and water-based environments, Chamco Projects is the ideal contractor to build Sea Ports, Cellular Structures, Bridges, and more.

On the back of our globally-renowned strategic partners, our unique position in the commercial estate development sector, along with our goal to provide innovative solutions, attentive customer care and collaboration, and first-class quality, ensure success and maximize value for our clients and employees. We have quietly expanded our firm to gain an international – particularly in the African continent – and local profile forming strategic partnerships and currently undergoing several projects.

The solutions we and our partners provide reflect insights generated by our diverse, global business platform, which encompasses private equity and real estate funds, and alternative forms of investment tailored to your needs. We focus on developing exceptionally planned real estate and infrastructure development for the greater good of the African continent, and on creating an atmosphere and economy that rewards initiative, independent thinking citizens, and integrity.

Lastly but more importantly, we partner with the best of global real estate development companies thereby enabling us to apply unmatched capabilities as a private investment firm to find solutions, uncover value and encourage growth. The capital – human and resources – we deploy on the strength of our partnerships fuel the development of businesses and communities. The investments we make are the foundations of future opportunity for the African continent. We’re enhancing the value of real estate and infrastructure developments that anchor communities and create good jobs.