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Chamco Marine… Leaders in Environmental Services

Flexible approaches and innovative solutions to successfully restore contaminated waterways and wetlands, Shoreline Protection, Jetty and Port Construction, Marine Pipeline Laying, and Dredging/Reclamation


Through strategic partnerships, Chamco Projects proffers specialized Dredging and Reclamation, Shore Line Protection, Marine Pipeline Laying, Jetty and Port Construction and Engineering Solutions focused on coordinating multiple sizes and types of tug boats and material barges through tides and ocean channels for offload of sediments, developing and maintaining waterfront, hydraulic, navigation, and bridge structures. 


Chamco Projects is partnered with globally-renowned marine solutions companies that provide a range of quality maritime services for each phase of a project, from design to execution. With both mechanical and hydraulic dredging capabilities, and the tug support to dump at both offshore and shallow draft sites, our partners have provided solutions for every size and scope of dredging projects. Marinas and small harbors, shipping channels, major ports, upland placement and habitat restoration to name a few. Together with our partners, we approach each dredging project with the same safety conscious work plan and commitment to excellence that has made us a mainstay.

Jetty & Port Construction

We offer a wide variety of construction services ranging from underwater support teams to comprehensive construction both above and below the water surface. Our construction services are founded on our core principals of safety first, quality workmanship, and detailed communication with our clients and project partners. These core principles support our goal of providing innovative ideas and techniques to improve the constructed product and reduce cost. With combined marine engineering and construction expertise, we also have the unique ability to streamline rehabilitation projects and provide design-build services.

Pipeline Protection

Petroleum and Natural Gas Pipeline protection against sabotage, illegal tapping, and terrorist action is of high priority globally, particularly in times of heightened tension. Chamco Projects, through its channel partners offer expertise and advanced Artificial Intelligence-enhanced technology platforms that are guaranteed to optimize security for protection of pipelines transferring natural gas, crude oil or other essential liquid products crucial to economic advancements, and to secure other infrastructure installations of the energy industry.

Shore Line Protection

Through our channel partners, Chamco Projects offers a highly sophisticated, multi-layer system employing advanced surveillance from autonomous, remotely operated sites. These sites feature long-range coastal surveillance radar synchronized with a long-range day-night video surveillance system.  Each site is a self-sufficient unit in terms of power, communication, site security and processing, and enables independent deployment of sites in stages. The system is remote-controlled from a central location and all data from the sites are routed to the central control area sophisticated communication infrastructure for further processing.