Oil & Gas Production and Servicing

… Creating long term economic value for our clients and a commitment to clean environment

Providing the highest standards of Health, Safety, Security and Environmentally friendly Products/Services that drive economic and human progress. 


A subsidiary of Chamco Projects, Ethan Petroleum & Gas Limited operates with a focus on the African Oil and Gas market. We are dedicated to providing the highest standards of Health, Safety, Security and Environmentally friendly Products/Services that drive economic and human progress, and the bottom lines of any producing African nation. We also aid the development of host governments and local communities by supporting education programs and training of local employees, contractors and students. Our company invests socially to aid growth and improve the socio-economic needs of local communities.

Oil & Gas Field Development

Our partnerships with global industry leaders in the Oil and Gas sector – domestically and internationally – provide opportunities for Ethan Petroleum & Gas Limited to develop Oil Fields, recruiting top talent and helping to strengthen local economy. We deliver well construction through advanced practices, technology, and cross-product-service-line experience in drilling, geology, petrophysics, and geomechanics. Achieving this complex task requires a holistic and iterative well planning approach that enables forecasting with greater confidence, reducing planning cycle time, and accelerating informed decision-making.

Oil Field Technology

Technology is transforming how energy companies like our subsidiary, Ethan Petroleum & Gas Limited operates. From Pipeline Solutions, Pipeline Isolation and Intervention, Fabrication and Construction, to Pipelines Gas Flare Capturing, our partners and engineers are increasingly using big data, Predictive Analytics, Real-Time Connectivity, and advanced Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence-powered digital technology to improve efficiency and boost production of Oil and Natural resources.

Oil & Gas Transportation

The safe transportation of oil and natural gas resources is a priority and includes Pipeline transport, which is the safest and most efficient way to move large volumes of oil and natural gas from development areas to refineries; Rail, an important piece of the oil transportation network, allowing producers the flexibility to move products to different markets in response to demand; Water and Roads, which have been the standard for years. With our partners, Ethan Petroleum & Gas Limited is committed to the prevention of environmental incidents, while ensuring that the daily energy consumption and economic activities of the government and locals are met.

Natural gas pipeline construction work. A dug trench in the ground for the installation and installation of industrial gas and oil pipes. project. Crawler crane with side boom or pipelayer bulldozer

Pipeline Construction & Security

Together with our strategic and channel partners, Ethan Petroleum & Gas Limited provides comprehensive oil and natural gas pipeline services including: oil and gas facility construction, Design/Build services, oil and gas pipeline infrastructure construction, pipeline installation and maintenance, cross country pipeline construction, pipeline integrity services, oil and gas infrastructure contractor’s services, horizontal directional drilling, structural steel & pipe fabrication, and emergency call outs. We also offer continuous temperature, strain, and vibration measurements enabling detection of a wide range of events that may threaten a pipeline’s integrity.